AlwaPor Porous Block – 1.181″ Thick

Alwapor is a porous tooling board made of aluminium and mineral particles bonded in resin. It is particularly suitable for thermoforming, easy to machine and can be polished to a shiny surface.

39.370 x 19.658 x 1.181″

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  • Does not require vacuum holes.
  • Can be useful for forming flat surfaces
  • Good for cavity inserts, where an outer aluminium frame is used
  • Highly cosmetic applications where finish is critical e.g. blister packaging
  • Lead time reduced because vacuum holes are eliminated
  • Computer aided design time shortened because there is no need to program tool paths for machining vacuum vents.
  • Faster draw (shorter forming cycles) because vacuum draw over entire surface
  • Heating and cooling times shortened because air is removed faster.
  • Faster forming because plastic remains within the ideal temperature range. The sheet is stretched evenly over the whole mould.
  • Tighter draw in complex shapes without a plug assist.
R10 ball nose 7000RPM feed speed – 5000 mm/min
R4 ball nose 7000RPM feed speed – 3500 mm/min.
Block weight: 33lbs.
Average pore diameter: 6 – 9µ