Manual Roller Press 500

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The roller press is used for precise trimming of thin gauge vacuum formings e.g. clear blisters. The vacuum formings are located into a cutting die which is made to size. A cutting board is then placed on top and then the die is moved through the machine between the rollers applying a cutting force.

The finished part is cleanly cut from the surrounding waste material, leaving a flange which can be used for sealing to a backing card if required. The distance between the rollers is adjustable using a crank handle to give you a range of 5mm – 125mm.

The main benefit of this process is a clean and accurate cut in thin materials usually under 1mm in thickness. This useful addition to the ancillary range is ideal for use with the Formech manual vacuum formers. The manual roller press requires no power supply. It is a very safe and easy machine to use and maintain.

Working Surface (mm/inches) 500mm / 19.5″
Maximum Production Height (mm/inches) 125mm / 5″
Machine Width (mm/inches) 830mm / 32.5″
Machine Depth (mm/inches) 1350mm / 53″
Machine Height (mm/inches) 1200mm / 47″
Net Machine Weight (kg/lbs) 65kg / 143lbs