Manual Roller Press 700

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The Roller Press Series has been designed and manufactured in accordance with EU safety directives and conforms to accident prevention regulations to protect the operator.

Designed to die cut a range of materials, it is the result of many years of experience in the field of packaging.

The machine is extremely simple to use and does not require skilled labour.

A considerable economic saving in cutting.

USA Power Requirements   208-220V / 40A
Maximum Absorbed Power 1kW
Working Surface (mm/inches) 680mm / 28″
Maximum Production Height (mm/inches) 177mm / 7″
Machine Width (mm/inches) 1050mm / 41″
Machine Depth (mm/inches) 2815mm / 110″
Machine Height (mm/inches) 1400mm / 55″
Net Machine Weight (kg/lbs) 350kg / 770lbs